Bar-In-The-Jar is Doctor Approved !


By Dr. Molly Maloofmmaloof - on October 22, 2015 - Product Review on AMAZON

"What I love about this stuff: It's not too sweet but it does tame my sweet tooth. It starts off with a chocolately, hazelnut flavor, then deepens into an apricot middle note and ends in a slightly, but enjoyably bitter basenote. Very unique and tasty. Addictive for sure. I am going to introduce all of my hiker friends to this delightful treat. And, although it has 8 g of sugar per serving, it has a phenomenal carb:fiber ratio of 3. You want the ratio <4 ideally so it's not going to spike your blood sugar because of the ratio and high fat content. This is an exceptionally high quality product. I'm a doctor and I would recommend this to my patients."