Where have they taken the BAR-IN-THE-JAR lately?


Suitcase Of Courage

  • Founder of the Suitcase of Courage LLC. 
  • The exclusive corporate wellness provider to 8000 Fujifilm employees
  • 3x Guinness World record holder
  • 2x National Champion (triathlon/duathlon)
  • Published Author (Endurance Tales of Fitness and Bravado)
  • Motivational Speaker - Delivered the commencement address to Lander University at the age of 26
  • Featured in: ESPN, Men's Health Magazine, CBS, ABC, Fox News, The Weather Channel

Lisa has been fortunate to stand on top of many of the world's most beautiful mountains including :

  • 2016 Mt. Everest (Nepal) - 29,035 feet via the southeast ridge - May 19
  • 2015 Mt. Baker (US) - 10,781 feet via north ridge - May 25
  • 2015 Manaslu (Nepal) - via northeast ridge - camp 3, 22,310 feet -  expedition canceled due to avalanche risk
  • 2014 Vinson (Antarctica) - 16,067 feet via Branscomb glacier - January 5
  • 2014 Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) - 19,341 feet via the northern circuit - October 24
  • 2012 Denali (US) - 20,320 feet via west buttress - June 28
  • 2012 Grand Teton (US) - 13,770 feet via the complete Exum - July
  • 2011 Aconcagua (Argentina) - 22,841 feet via the Polish variation - March 8
  • 2010 Mt. Elbrus (Russia) - 18,510 feet via normal route - August 9
  • 2009 Mt. Rainier (US) - 14,410 feet via disappointment cleaver - July


June 20th 2016Cameron Dorn sends us a text, saying; "From winning a duathlon in Oakland to 120 degree heat on a 15 mile run through Joshua tree national park bar in the jar had me fueled all the way"

June 4th 2016Cameron Dorn sends us a text, saying; "I was just resurrected by your product!"

May 1st 2016Cameron Dorn sends us a text, saying; "Climbed half dome yesterday in 3 hours ran to the base 8 miles 4700ft of gain then summited. Fuel was two bar in the jars-vegan and one cliff energy gel with 3 liters of water for 7 hours of work.  Thanks for an awesome product I believe in."

March 18th 2016Cameron Dorn sends us a text, saying; "Bar-In-The-Jar pre race at the angel island half marathon last weekend. We were the only nuts to sit on top off the ferry as the rain came down and the white caps of the ocean made everyone seasick. However I am laughing because I am downing the Bar-In-The-Jar and laughing"

March 10th 2016Cameron Dorn sends us a text, saying; "Big boy racing!"


February 25th 2016, Cameron Dorn sends us a text, saying;  "After a hard days work and commute home, a perfect fuel waiting to fuel the 7:15 swim!"

On February 12th 2016, Cameron Dorn sends us an email, saying; "Full speed ahead down in California my friend,  took some pretty cool photo's with the BAR-IN-THE-JAR in the Redwood's on a trail run with my buddy Andy.  We went for 13 miles and scarfed down some BAR-IN-THE-JAR respectively myself at mile 2 at the barn and then he did at mile 9 up on the redwood itself"

On February 6th 2016, Cameron Dorn sends us a photo in a text, saying: " 3rd place at Laguna Seca Raceway trail 15 miler. I had to write down the trail color codes on my forearm prior to the race to not get lost. BAR-IN-THE-JAR fuels 45 minutes prior to get me through the 2400ft of gain over the 15 miles! Cameron was unhappy of his third place win. We simply replied to him saying; " a third place win is a highly respectable place on the podium ".

On January 26th, Cameron sends us an email saying: " We are in the midst of magic of the road trip my friend. We went up Mt. Hood today on a variant of the South side route and were the only climbers on the mountain.  It was raining in the parking lot, then it turned into ice and snow and plenty of post holing but I took down a BAR-IN-THE-JAR at 8500 ft and powered through the cold.  My hands about froze off :) See attached photos " he then said; " On another note had a really great breakthrough on Saturday and ran 13.1 miles at a 6:28pace with my heart rate being only in zone two (149bpm) average.  This is well below my racing zone and that shows that I was well fueled and prepared throughout as I only ate BAR-IN-THE-JAR prior and felt great during the entire 1:24 half marathon training effort " and then adds; " It's great getting to know the product for example today I was so cold climbing but yet keeping the bar in the jar in the front pocket allowed it not to freeze up and still be edible at 18 degrees F according to my Garmin "